SlappyPad, the dash pad that sticks things without being sticky

We are all just so slap happy about the Slappy Pad. Before when we drove our cell phone, change, and sunglasses just flew all over the dash. It made driving dangerous and downright no fun. So we decided to do something about it and found the neatest little product. The Slappy Pad is an easy to use pad that will stick to your dash and hold virtually anything. Its perfect to hold your cell phone for easy hands free operation I just dial a friend and talk all the way home. It makes the long commute seem like a few minutes. And guess what it holds change, sunglasses, skittles, chip bags, and just about anything you need to have handy.

There are so many uses for the Slappy Pad that we haven’t found them all.

Now not all things stick to it, but a lot do and the fun is seeing what sticks to it. So get one today and drive safer, keep your phone from flying around the car, and always have it handy. The Slappy Pad is great for Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, Boats and more.

The Slappy Pad comes in several cool colors including black, clear, blue, dark pink, purple and pink to match any whimsical desire, color craving, or car interior. So get six today!

The Slappy Pad is easy to care for.

When it gets dirty things don’t stick to it as well. But never fear just wash in mild soap and water and pat dry. Then BOOM like magic things stick to it again. So what are you waiting for get a Slappy Pad for every car, for the truck, for the kitchen to leave notes on and two more for the Boat and RV. Get “Slap Happy” with the Slappy Pad. Just slap it and use it. Its that simple.

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